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Welcome at the
fastfood theater

If you already know fastfood we are glad that you came back. If you are here for the first time: be cordially welcome in Munich's multiple awarded Improv-theater. Enjoy our shows, experience the very 'Best of Impro'.

As of January 2016, we are going to play Best of Life every Monday im Wirtshaus im Schlachthof. Expect the unexpected!

Kurse der ImproSchule

20.06.2017 K 4 Vertiefungskurs Improvisation
Studio Rebecca
24.06.2017 WWS 1 Grundkurs Improvisation
Yoga Studio Wiener Platz
08.07.2017 WWS 3 Fortgeschrittenenkurs Improvisation
Yoga Studio Wiener Platz
23.07.2017 Improschule Hoffest 2017
Hinterhof Tumblingerstr. 34a, 80337 München
23.07.2017 Schnupperkurs
Hinterhof Tumblingerstrasse 23a, 80337 München